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Vad är jag skyldig att ersätta hyresvärden vid skada på hyresrätten?

Good day,

We decided to move out and now we have a very unpleasant situation with house owner. We have bought all the furniture from him, we have ordered the cleaning company for "flyttstadning" the owner was not happy with their work, so they come second time, just to go around with the owner, he showed everything and they double cleaned.

It is a small house, so in one room, which we didn't used, we kept our car tyres (winter/summer) after cleaning there was left few marks from the tyres so the owner said we have to change the linoleumgolv, ok we will do it, it's from our tyres, so we will change it,

But now he is not happy with bathroom. we rented house for 3.5 years, it wasn't new when we moved in, but after cleaning there are some marks from water/shampoo/shower gel, våtrumstapet has changed color a little bit in the shower, it\s not damaged or anything, as I would say it's normal thing, because we used the bathroom. The owner wants us to renovate all the bathroom. Even cleaning company said it's natural on the tapets to change during the years, it's not the tiles, so we can not use strong cleaning chemicals, or rub it hard not tu damage the surface.

I hope I write down all the needed information, so the question is is the owner right in this situation and we should renovate his whole bathroom because during the time tapets on bathroom wall has changed the color? Or if it goes to the court we can hope to be right?

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Thank you for using our services. Please see general information regarding house rental agreements below. I will also give you a recommendation that is specific to your case.

Wear and tear

When renting a house, the tenant is responsible to take care of the house. As such, the tenant should not cause damage beyond what would be considered general wear and tear. According to 12 kap 24 § Jordabalken, the tenant is responsible to replace any damage caused by cause or negligence. Furthermore, the tenant is required to take care of the apartment during his or her tenantship. 

Your situation

As stated in the question, you have lived in the house for 3.5 years. During this time a lot can happen due to wear and tear. Therefore, the landlord should have some understanding of damages that may have appeared. However, the landlord does not have to accept all sorts of damages. As for the damages in the bathroom caused by the showering gel, my assessment is that they are caused by regular wear and tear. Regardless, to renovate the entire bathroom only because of marks on the wallpaper seems to be rather extensive. 

Further recommendation

If you and the landlord cannot agree upon this matter, I recommend you to contact Hyresnämnden. They can help you to solve the issue and decide whether or not you are responsible to pay for the damages.


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