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Dubbel bosättning / Dual Residence

If I sign a renting lease from a housing company do they share it with skatteverket or any other companies?
I want to rent a second apartment but live in both of them, and skatteverket said that I don’t have to apply for a change in my address. Will they know if I sign a lease for another apartment ?  

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Hello and thank you for contacting Fråga Juristen! Below I will explain the legal situation and what applies in your case.

Dual residence

Since you plan on having dual residency (meaning that you spend at least a seventh of your time on each address) it is important that you are registered at the right address. It is not possible to be registered on more than one address at the same time, instead Skatteverket determines which address you should be registered on based on factors such as:

  • If you live with a family member at one of the addresses,
  • the location where you work or study,
  • size and standard of the residences,
  • how much time you spend at each address.

It is important that you are registered at the correct address and each adult individual is responsible to inform Skatteverket whenever they move to a different address. If you are unsure whether change of address is necessary when you decide to rent a second apartment it is always advised to contact Skatteverket to check with them. It seems that in your case you have already done so and been told that you do not need to change your address. If you still are unsure what you need to do I would advise you to contact them again. Describe to them all circumstances (such as those mentioned above) that are relevant regarding your living situation and make sure to include copies of the leasing contracts for your two apartments as I would not assume that Skatteverket have been informed of them by the landlord/housing company.

I hope I’ve managed to answer your question. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us again!

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